A parrot steals a GoPro and photographed the landscapes of New Zealand

A parrot steals a GoPro and photographed the landscapes of New Zealand

BOn the first day of our New Zealand hiking holiday, the family was able to capture private footage with a GoPro – albeit not on purpose. A parrot grabbed its camera and flew away, presenting unique aerial photos of nature. Always in the picture: the wing and the feet of the animal.

Like family for you local TV station She mentioned that she was returning to her cottage after a walk on the Kepler Trail when a couple of keas visited her. They were filming their special guests with a GoPro when someone suddenly grabbed the camera in his beak and took off.

The video shows 30 seconds of aerial footage capturing the stunning backdrop of Fiordland National Park. Then the Kia begins to descend to examine its crop very carefully. He kept clicking on the camera until he finally got a piece of black plastic in his beak. A boy can be heard shouting, “I found her!” The Kia flies away and the camera returns with its owners – not completely unharmed, but with unforgettable memories on the camera.

Keas are an endangered bird species. They are among the smartest birds in the world, but not the most popular. This isn’t the first time a kea has been caught in a robbery: according to The Guardian, species of birds have been known to steal packed lunches, jewelry and purses from tourists at one time or another. The New Zealand family also fell victim to larceny a second time: they reported that they had stolen a cup from them the next day.

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