A new game has just been announced, and it's going to be great

A new game has just been announced, and it's going to be great

After the game's critically panned release Gollum And sympathetic but not condescendingLOTR Heroes of Middle EarthVideo games taken from Lord of the rings He now waits with some doubt. However, it must be admitted that the short teaser for Shire Tales What was recently revealed is reassuring. Indeed, this new game will be supervised by Weta, the company behind the special effects for Peter Jackson's films!

Weta Administrator

In the vast universe Lord of the rings, where epic battles and heroic quests are common, this aspect is often highlighted in different games. but, There will soon be a unique experience that invites players to discover the more peaceful and kinder side of Middle-earth.

Titled Shire Talesthis video game inspired by the world of JRR Tolkien is under development at Wētā Workshop's new in-house video game divisiona New Zealand company specializing in special effects and props, She is best known for her work in the film trilogy Lord of the rings Directed by Peter Jackson.

Wētā's workshop was at the heart of the visual creation of his films Lord of the ringsbringing unparalleled magic to the screen with their special effects and instantly recognizable artistic creations.. The company was also instrumental in producing certain sequences during the chaotic production of The Hobbit Trilogy. With this expertise, Wētā Workshop decided to embark on a new adventure, in collaboration with Private Division and Take-Two Interactive, to bring to life a video game that explores a different side of Middle-earth.

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Speaking about the company's collaboration with Take-Two in a 2022 press release, Wētā President Amie Wolken said:

It's an honor to create a new game set in Middle-earth, especially one that's so different from what fans have played before. As fans, we can't wait for players to explore Middle-earth in ways they've never done before and introduce new fans to the magic of the land Lord of the rings.

The Shire

At the bottom of the hole lived a hobbit

Shire TalesThat's what this new experiment is called. Unlike games Lord of the rings More focused on action and combat intensity, this game offers players the opportunity to live the quiet, comfortable, and cozy life of a hobbit. Imagine yourself in A world where the incitement to search for the One Ring is just a distant memory, Where one can enjoy life's simple pleasures, such as having a good cup of tea or walking through the province's beautiful landscapes.

Bilbo and the Shire

“Teaser Trailer” for Shire Tales It offers a fascinating glimpse of what lies ahead. We discover a painting of a hobbit in a newspaper, humming a little tune. This simple glimpse suggests a relaxing game, imbued with the spirit of the county and the warmth of home.

For lovers of the universe Lord of the rings For those seeking to explore a different side of this legendary saga, Shire Tales It promises to be an unforgettable experience. However, aside from being “different from what fans have played before” and “a comfortable hobbit life awaits you”, There's no real indication of what gameplay or exact gameplay will be like Shire Tales. Could it be a farming simulation? Social simulation? Adventure game? A combination of all of these or more? Regardless, the development path and the team behind the game can only be reassured. After all, who would say no to a second breakfast and a walk through Middle-earth if Weta offers all that?

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Second breakfast

Indeed, the announcement of this game was received with great enthusiasm by game fans. Lord of the rings And video game enthusiasts. Wētā Workshop's reputation in the world of cinema and its experience in creating special effects for the Lord of the Rings films are guarantees of quality Shire Tales. Fans can expect to be fully immersed in the warm and welcoming world of the Hobbitsrecreated with care and love by a team with intimate knowledge of this magical universe.

Shire Tales It is scheduled to be released on PC and consoles in 2024. Giving eager fans time to plan their trip to the county. This game seems to promise to be a calm and relaxing escape, inviting players to experience their own hobbit adventure, away from the epic battles and hustle and bustle of the outside world. We at Hitek promise that we will closely follow this unique adventure that promises to be an unforgettable journey into the heart of Middle-earth.


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