We’ve found a company we’d all love to work for

We’ve found a company we’d all love to work for

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Brexfit, the gym session for those frustrated with Brexit.Many people felt frustrated after Britain’s exit from the European Union. In order for them to release their energy, the gym director created the program breakfit in London ! Participants can “punch the politicians they hate most in the face” using a punching bag. Theresa May and David Johnson were most targeted by members… Justine Salmon plans to create gregfitWe’ll leave you to guess why.

We’ve found a company we’d all love to work for. Making its employees work only 4 days a week is what a New Zealand company tested. The results were so promising that they decided to continue with this way of working, getting paid for 5 working days. We’d all love to work there…but we’d rather work in Double Expresso RTL2.

Song of the day

Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky

Knowledge is useless

Simple question this morning: Did you know? How fast do raindrops fall? This varies according to its shape (not its weight), and its speed ranges between 7 and 32 km/h!

Today’s winners

He finds his wedding ring that he lost in 2004. While swimming at the beach in Morbihan, Philippe lost his wedding ring. What’s happening… But last September, a member of the Lost and Found Association found the ring after 14 years! After engraving it, he posted a photo on Facebook that was shared thousands of times, and soon its owner was found…

A travel agency in Villeurbanne wants to offer Crazy activities. Are you tempted to drive a tank, race a bulldozer, fly a fighter plane, or visit Chernobyl? These activities will be introduced to the general public through memory“The craziest travel and events agency in France”, as of January 2019 and based in Villeurbanne!

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Toothbrush tube

Stephanie de Renville (next to Nancy) leaves with the DVD of the film Demi-Sœurs and a set of jewelry from the Voyages collection.

RTL2 bank

Sebastien from Houdan in Ile-de-France wins a MacBook. Sandra de Villiers leaves (near Rembs) with a classic Nintendo NES mini console.

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