A look at the game world can be seen in the countdown to the game mode

A look at the game world can be seen in the countdown to the game mode

In a prospective light The state of play de horizon is forbidden west, Guerrilla Games decided to spark fans’ curiosity by including some settings in the countdown video that we will be able to explore on PS4 and PS5 in the name of Aloy.

At the time of writing, Guerrilla’s countdown trailer for the event that will feature the first gameplay scenes of the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is the backdrop for an interesting tour of clips that depict, in fact, zones Forbidden West open world map.

Moreover, the countdown video resumes these scenarios in a Different weather conditions Born in Day / night cycle That we will test at Aloy, bears witness to the ambitions nurtured by the developers of the Dutch subsidiary PlayStation Studios In forming a very dynamic and immersive map. In the panoramic views suggested by Guerrilla, you can enjoy settlements, wilderness areas, and points of interest on the map.

Before we leave you for comments, we remind you that Play of Horizon Forbidden West’s status is scheduled Raw 23:00 Today, Thursday, May 27. Everyeye’s editorial board organized this event prof maratona di open world su Twitch.

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