quanto costerà abbonamento champions amazon

How much does it cost to subscribe to Champions Amazon? the details

Amazon Prime Video announced its plans to broadcast the Champions League in Italy next season, during the Prime Video Presents Italia show event, to see what will happen in Prime Video in 2021.

During the event, Alex Green, Europe’s managing director of Prime Video Sport, spoke. “We got the rights to broadcast the Champions League in Italy for three seasons, starting in 2021/22: We will broadcast cartel matches on Wednesday, from the preliminary stage to the semi-finals. We have also started the European Super Cup.

“We will be able to choose first, then we will choose the cartel match with the leading Italian teams. We are happy that Juventus managed to qualify, it is clear that we are sorry for Napoli, but we know the teams very well and we will show their matches.”

Our strategy is to bring sport and leisure to our customers, something that generates passion and can affect everyone. The pinnacle of football in the world is the Champions League, and we are excited to be able to offer football in Italy as well as in Germany. It’s similar to our strategy in other countries, for example in France we will broadcast Roland Garros matches this weekend, the Premier League in the UK and the NFL in the USA. Investing in the Champions League falls within this framework. “

“We are proud of what we have done in the Premier League, it was a big step for us. We have now completed our second season, broadcasting a total of 50 matches. Fans have enjoyed our coverage, broadcast and production. We want the viewers to be close to the action. The broadcast was on the standard.” The technical is strong, it was a great experience in terms of video and audio quality, just like what one would expect from a soccer match on a home TV. “

“Interesting options have been added, such as the stadium effect by removing the comment or even the X-ray option, which displays live stats while the match is being played, as well as real-time highlights. These are the options that will all be included in the UEFA Champions League package. Business level, investment in the Premier League raised awareness on Prime Video. In the UK the first match day that was broadcast was the day with the most new entries in a single day. It made us more confident in ourselves and made us feel confident. “

“The packages we got vary, there is not one choice. Unfortunately we cannot offer an unlimited number of free sports at Prime, and we have to choose. The selected events are events that go beyond the limits, not only for live sports but also for documentaries, I’m so excited that we’re going to release movies.” Documentaries about Juventus in the fall. Our sports information is very important for our presentation. “

Finally, Green has revealed some details about what the plans for the Champions League in Italy will be. “We want to keep the spectators close to the action, as if they are in the middle of the match. Action is the most important part of football. We know that the Italian fans have a lot of passion and we know how important it is to live this experience. The goal is also to allow you to watch the games on any device,” One click should suffice. Event coverage will be added to the match with Talents and VIPs that we will announce shortly, as well as the display options previously introduced to Premier. Moreover, there will be no additional costs compared to the classic Amazon Prime subscription. So far, the Amazon Prime subscription costs 36 € per year or 3.99 € per month.

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