Horizon Forbidden West starred for 14 minutes on PS5 - teller report

Horizon Forbidden West starred for 14 minutes on PS5 – teller report

Without any apparent cutoff, this 14-minute 4K and 30fps demonstration (no information on potential performance mode) appears to have been calibrated with poetry close to dazzling with its changes in atmospheric, post-California environments, all of which are richer More amazing than the next and its battles against huge armored machines that we know their intensity, all served by music in harmony on the artistic and artistic level, the development of the game on two generations of consoles does not seem to slow the ambitions of the Dutch studio.

So, in the West, nothing new on the play side? Some little things, all the same. Besides being able to explore the sea floor with a diving mask that will allow you not to worry about time spent in the water, Aloy seems to have acquired some combos and charged attacks to make his spear more useful while fighting in the water. , In particular to find a hatch and follow up with a killer arrow, not forgetting the “Sursaut de bravoure” mechanics with very little graduation. Shounen. If the escalation system doesn’t seem to have evolved significantly (the scanning system allows for the attachment points to be highlighted), Aloy has acquired two tools that are definitely popular but not found in the first episode and will make exploration a lot more flexible: attractant (dogs) and ailegide (parachute) . Much like a fair cause, the grapple allows Aloy to take off from the ground to increase altitude and then deploy his mechanical parachute. The latter was actually overlooked in Episode One when Aloy was at the top of the summit and the player wanted to throw himself into the void to enjoy the show, as we did in a particular game. From Nintendo was released at the same time.

It takes place after six months of eventsHorizon Zero DawnThe search for this demonstration is the release of Erend, a companion of Aloy, who has gone excavating the ruins of San Francisco in search of an important artifact that would put redhead on the right track in his battle against “nielle,” the scarlet plague threatening the entire environment. Upon arriving at the camp, Aloy encounters a group of thieves from factions who have also mastered turning machines into combat positions, starting with this majestic mammoth. A little disappointment in the evening, and the absence of a release date that would have completed the show. “We don’t have a specific release date yet, but development is on the right track and we’ll hear from you shortly.“, We were told.

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