7 tips to get started with LEGO Fortnite

7 tips to get started with LEGO Fortnite

Are you looking to get started in LEGO Fortnite and don’t know where to start? Here we share 7 tips to get started in LEGO Fortnite.

The Fortnite ecosystem is growing at an accelerated rate now that Chapter 5 has begun. New islands were introduced in Chapter 4, significantly changing the Fortnite Creative experience for players.

With Big Bang over and Chapter 5 arriving, Epic Games has finally released the long-awaited LEGO Fortnite mode. This mode consists of a survival and building adventure for two players, similar to Minecraft.

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If you want to join players who have already started their LEGO Fortnite adventure, here are seven tips to make your task easier.

7 tips for beginners before playing LEGO Fortnite

1. Learn how to craft items

In a survival game like LEGO Fortnite, crafting is at the heart of the game. Just like in Minecraft, you’ll have to collect resources like wood, granite, wool, and silk to craft items.

Epic Games/Lego

To begin the crafting process, you will need a crafting table that also requires resources. Once installed, you can craft an axe, sword, crossbow, shield, and other items to help you survive.

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2. Learn to build – After all, it’s Fortnite!

Once the fabrication is complete, the next step is construction. This is the basis of Fortnite. The faster you learn how to build structures, the faster you can build your own house, just like in The Sims.

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Building in lego fortniteEpic Games/Lego

Since the whole concept of LEGO bricks is to fit them together to create buildings, in Fortnite you need materials to build structures. Likewise, combining the best of both worlds, building in LEGO Fortnite is extremely satisfying as you’ll watch the blocks fit together perfectly.

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Start with walls and a small cabin, then build larger walls, houses, and so on. You can also demolish existing structures to collect resources for future construction.

3. Know your food and how to cook it

As you progress through your LEGO Fortnite adventure, your energy level and health level may decrease. That’s when hunger strikes.

Food in lego fortniteEpic Games/Lego

During your adventure, you will find many things to eat such as berries, pumpkins, meat, and eggs. For example, to get milk or eggs, you can pet an animal. However, to get the meat, you will have to kill him with your sword.

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You can also plant seeds to grow food. And if you have raw food in your inventory, make a grill to cook it. This delicious meal will make your health bar replenish even more.

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4. Start your journey to build the village

Building a village is the first step in your LEGO Fortnite journey to produce a living ecosystem. Start by creating a village sanctuary from your inventory, from which you can invite NPCs as villagers and give them work.

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Village in lego fortniteEpic Games/Lego

Although you can’t always collect materials or build structures at the same time, you can assign different jobs to villagers to do the work for you. This way, when you’re done exploring, the villagers will have collected enough materials for you to survive.

5. Adapt to survive as soon as possible

Although LEGO Fortnite can be fun and colorful, it is ultimately a game of survival. Your tools will be limited, so watch the durability of your tools and weapons, conserve your resources and fortify your village.

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Survival in LEGO FortniteEpic Games/Lego

However, you also need to be skilled at crafting and using weapons. In fact, you will have to defeat dangerous creatures, ranging from ghosts to crabs or even wild wolves. Take the time to get used to the bows and swords. These two weapons will be your allies for survival in LEGO Fortnite.

6. Invite friends to help you build your world

Exploring alone and in peace is a great source of fun in LEGO Fortnite. However, joining a group of friends and embarking on a journey together is much more exciting. Since gathering materials and building on your own can be limited, teaming up with your friends will get things done faster.

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Friends in FortniteEpic Games/Lego

You can invite your Fortnite friends into your world and make them keyholders. This allows them to visit your world and get things done for you while you’re offline. However, it is recommended to only share it with trusted friends.

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7. Manage your inventory intelligently

LEGO Fortnite limits your inventory to just 24 slots, however, if you have multiple amounts of the same item, you can combine and pool them. This way you can get the sites.

Chest in lego fortniteEpic Games

But if you run out of slots in your inventory, you can always create a chest that will give you extra space. You’ll also be able to find chests in the world in case you need to clear a slot along the way.

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So, here’s everything you need to know before playing LEGO Fortnite. For more in Fortnite, learn how to rob and locate a train in Fortnite Chapter 5.

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