GTA 6 will “push the boundaries of what’s possible,” says the Rockstar co-founder.

GTA 6 will “push the boundaries of what’s possible,” says the Rockstar co-founder.

Game news GTA 6 will “push the boundaries of what’s possible,” says the Rockstar co-founder.

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That’s it, GTA VI is finally real! Despite a major leak that occurred several months ago, Rockstar has not formalized the title of the “next GTA” nor revealed the slightest image of the title. Ten years after GTA V, GTA VI is on track and we should be able to get our hands on it in 2025. But how far can Rockstar take its franchise?

GTA VI: All records announced despite the leak

For a long time, Grand Theft Auto VI was just a rumor. The successes of Grand Theft Auto V and then Red Dead Redemption II don’t seem to have encouraged Rockstar to hurry up. It must be said that the situation is complex. GTA V has sold more than 190 million copies All over the world, GTA Online remains very popular. So to get behind it, you have to stick with it. For many years, the studio has been preparing for succession, and ambitions are high, very high in fact. There is no doubt that the audience will respond But how we do it is as good if not better. ? We’ll know more in the next couple of years but one thing is for sure, ‘GTA 6 is now real.’. It was scheduled to be shown on Tuesday at 3pm French time, but a leak prompted Rockstar to do so A 90-second trailer was put online around midnight.

A moment and a date lost to some who The license did not prevent it from proving its enormous influence. From content creators to TV news, radio, newspapers and social media, everyone was talking about the GTA VI trailer. The game immediately established itself as the most anticipated game From the entire history of the medium, and Rockstar knows this very well. The first trailer is just a framed trailer, allowing us to get… Preview Return to Vice Cityfor the life that Rockstar intends to install there Meet Lucia and JasonAnd to see that Rockstar has captured Florida’s most popular videos.

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So we know little, except that the ambitions in terms of play space and implementation are enormous, and that social networks will be at the heart of the story. Released three days ago, The trailer has received more than 130 million views on the official channel From Rockstar, which is an absolute record in such a short time. But if the enthusiasm now is right, many are questioning Rockstar’s ability to deliver a new satire of American society. Having copies of real videos It indicates that reality has surpassed imagination“And we can play”To real lifeAccording to some comments.

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With GTA 6, Rockstar wants to push the boundaries, and the boss is the one to say so

We doubt it Rockstar has thought of it all Before we thought about it ourselves, but it is very smart to say today what Rockstar will offer in terms of writing and gameplay. However, Dan Houser seems very confident. The studio’s co-founder notes in an official press release that the title aims to do just that Maximumjust that:

Grand Theft Auto VI continues our effort to push the boundaries of what’s possible in highly immersive, story-driven open world experiences. We are excited to be able to share this new vision with players around the world.

At the moment, it is difficult to say what he means by “crossing the borders.” This could speak to what the leaks indicated, i.e. that Vice City could evolve over time, creating a game-as-a-service version that would entice individual players to stick with the title As multiplayer does with GTA Online. At the moment, we do not know when our next encounter with GTA 6 will take place, but we can try to estimate it: Eleven months separate the first two trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2. So we can imagine that GTA VI will be talked about again in November 2024. As a reminder, the game is scheduled to be released in November 2024. 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Seriesat a date still unknown.

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