Pokémon Go meets demand: significant storage expansion

Pokémon Go meets demand: significant storage expansion

Gaston Cooney

Pokémon Go has received another significant increase in the maximum items and Pokémon storage capacity allowed for Trainers.

Being primarily a collecting game, having extra storage space is an invaluable resource in Pokémon Go.

Although developer Niantic has slowly but surely increased and expanded the amount of storage that Trainers can use for items and Pokemon, the constant addition of new content to the game means that storage space is constantly in demand.

Now, Pokémon Go has received another major increase in item and Pokémon storage capacity. Let’s break down exactly what’s been increased and how to get that extra storage space.

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Pokémon Go is getting another big storage upgrade

As he confirmed The official Pokémon Go blogNiantic has confirmed that the maximum storage of Pokémon and items has increased by 500 slots.


Optimizing storage space and transferring Pokemon can be annoying, but this makes things a little easier.

This means that the total number of storage slots that Trainers can have for Pokémon has increased to 7,300. Instead, Trainers can now hold a maximum of 6,300 items.

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Starting December 7, 2023, Trainers can visit the in-game store and purchase two new storage upgrades.

News of this increase in storage space comes after a community request for more storage space ahead of the holiday season.

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This lack of storage space before the latest update made it nearly impossible to store a male and female version of every Pokémon released for the mobile title. Naturally, this was not well received by many fans and collectors looking to complete their Pokédex.

Since the last storage upgrade was released in August 2023, it has been four months since the previous storage upgrade.

Fortunately, those who have saved PokéCoins can now head to the Pokémon Go Store and increase their item and Pokémon storage by 500 slots. And with the number of events Niantic has planned to hold in December 2023, fans will definitely need that extra space.

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