5 Types of Slots: Which One Should You Be Playing?

 5 Types of Slots: Which One Should You Be Playing?


With the onset of online casino platforms and the fact that land-based establishments are waking up from the pandemic-induced slumber, the players are spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer selection of slots they can be playing. To make your decision easier, we’ve categorized them into the following groups:

1. Thematically inspired slots

Slots are as much about knowing the odds as they are about their finer, more emotional aspects. For instance, some slots you can find at platforms like Guts casino and explore the darker, horror-inspired themes (Book of Dead is a good example), while others draw inspiration from mythological themes like ancient Egypt, Rome, and similar. Or perhaps fantasy-themed slots will be more to your liking, with titles like Beauty & the Beast taking you on a magical fairytale ride to another plane of existence. If you’d say you’re an artistic type, this genre is for you.

2. VR and AR slots

Augmented and virtual reality are two big buzzwords that have shaken up the technological capacity of what’s possible in numerous industries. Naturally, talented software developers have come up with a way to integrate them into various game genres, slots included. By wearing one of these alien-like devices, you are virtually transported into a completely different environment that you can interact with, making it seem as though a Vegas ballroom is right at your fingertips. A must-try if you love technology and its never-ending evolution.

3. Progressive slots

In essence, a progressive jackpot system means that a small chunk of every bet that’s placed goes towards a jackpot that keeps growing in size and pays out at an unknown time. Some people believe these slot machines have certain tells that signal when the jackpot is about to burst, but so far, none have managed to either prove or disprove the theory. This type of slots may be for you if you fancy the idea of winning in an explosive movie-like fashion or chasing an ever-illusive dream of making it big with a single pull of the lever.

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4. Megaways slots

Modern slots have a tendency to make it easier on the player when it comes to forming a winning combination of symbols. Megaways slots take this concept to the moon and back, packing in thousands of paylines, so having a fruitful round is almost a certainty. Keep in mind that slots like these also have a higher number of symbols in general, so variety is at the core of this genre. Do give it a try if seeing a payday often draws a smile on your face.

5. Land-based slots

This category of slots has a bit of an overlap with the other ones, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. It’s the action-packed halls, the sound of the coins jingling, the people cheering, and all the other ingredients that make visiting a land-based casino an irreplaceable experience. This is where you’re likely going to be if you prefer to have a physical component to your dose of gambling (and if you’re somewhat of a social butterfly).


Slots is a casino genre where something can be found for everyone. The next time you stop by a gambling establishment, have the above in mind to pick the most suitable experience for your unique tastes and preferences.

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