Tahitians shine in New Zealand • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Tahitians shine in New Zealand • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Kevin Brodian (left) and Ralph Tsing (right) donned the colors of the Fenois in New Zealand (Photo credit: Ralph Tsing)

Under a hail of balls, the athletes make their way between the inflatable obstacles. Objective: to recover the flag of the opposing camp. Seven teams competed in this New Zealand racing series in Auckland.

Among them are two Polynesians: Ralph Tsing with the expandables, and Kevin Brodian under the ballistics unit banner. After qualifying in the semifinals, the two friends’ destinies intersected during the semifinals.

In the end, the ballistics unit culminated in Kevin Brodian. Ralph Tsing, offering himself third place, even if the match had not been decided beforehand, with a technical problem in the full meet. ” The ball broke, I had to try to loosen it up and clean it as best I could during the gamehe explains. But that didn’t work, my marbles were flying all over the place and I couldn’t shoot the guys up front ».

(Image credit: Ralph Tseng)

Our representatives will definitely meet again in June for the second round of the competition. Meanwhile, Ralph will continue his international tour in May with an international competition in Sydney.

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