4 hydrogen news from New Zealand, from Plug Power share, Cell Impact share, and Great Wall Motor share

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Many countries decided to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions in the future in order to cope with more global warming. Green hydrogen plays an important role here because it can be used not only in the transportation sector, but also in the utility sector.

1. New Zealand turns to hydrogen

So New Zealand decided to convert North Island gas supplies completely to hydrogen by 2050. Existing gas pipelines are being used for this. Hydrogen additives are due to start in 2030.

Initially, no changes are required for end users. Adjustments are only necessary when hydrogen is only used. Green hydrogen is produced by electrolyzers at various locations on the island.

2. Plug Power is building the hydrogen plant

In collaboration with infrastructure investor Brookfield Renewable Partners, Plug Power will build a new green hydrogen production plant. The energy needed to produce 15 tons per day is supplied from the Brookfield Hydropower Station in Holtwood on the Susquehanna River in southern Pennsylvania.

Coming into operation is scheduled for the end of 2022. Plug Power recently had to correct its annual reports, but it still has big plans. “This is another step in our endeavor to build a green hydrogen economy first in the United States and then around the world,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Powers.

3. The Cell’s influence shifts to Tokyo

Besides South Korea, Japan is the country that will be highly dependent on green hydrogen in the future. Carbon dioxide neutrality is set to be achieved by 2050, which will result in investments of at least US $ 19 billion in the hydrogen sector planned so far.

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Cell Impact is still a small Swedish company that specializes in producing flow panels for fuel cells. In order to take advantage of the high demand, it has now opened a new office in Minaku-ku district of Tokyo. Cell Impact primarily wants to treat fuel cells and automobile manufacturers with their products.

4. Great Wall Motor Company manufactures off-road hydrogen vehicles

The Chinese company Great Wall Motor is increasingly investing in hydrogen technologies. The stake has actually benefited tremendously from this last year. The company has now announced that it will launch the world’s first C-Class off-road vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

A fleet of 100 heavy trucks was also planned with the same driving technology. Great Wall Motor Company works with FTXT Energy on their projects. Both companies have developed what is known as “hydrogen lemon technology,” which is used in the new off-road SUVs.

Great Wall Motor aims to become one of the three largest global manufacturers of hydrogen propulsion solutions by 2025. The company aims to continue to build an integrated supply chain for the production, storage, transport and use of hydrogen.

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