Covid-19 nasal spray is designed to prevent infection

Robert Clatt

Nasal spray with nitric oxide (NO) is said to prevent Covid-19. Although there are doubts about its effectiveness and safety, the product has already been approved.

Vancouver, Canada). The drug company Enovid nasal spray SaNOtize To prevent Covid-19 infection. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with 79 participants, the anti-Covid-19 nasal spray was, according to Press release The company is required to reduce the amount of viruses in the nose and throat area by more than 95 percent within 24 hours and by more than 99 percent within 72 hours. There were no side effects in this study or in a study in Canada with more than 7,000 people.

However, in medicine, the message about the anti-Covid-19 nasal spray raises suspicion because the active ingredient nitric oxide (NO) is a powerful vasodilator. In fact, using the nasal spray should lower your blood pressure. At the request of the world The manufacturer has not yet responded to this alleged Enovid-free side effects. Detailed questions about the study from Great Britain have yet to be answered.

Further study with no nasal spray

Entry into the clinical trials database It shows that another study was done with the active ingredient nitric oxide in Canada. The 143 subjects who underwent the test received various NO release agents, including nasal rinses and gargle solution. The database also contains information about another planned study on the effectiveness of NO nasal spray with 50 volunteers in Canada. There is no information on the 79-person study in Great Britain, which the SaNOtize press release refers to, in the database.

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The effect is “pure guesswork”

Many experts have voiced their strong criticism of the supposed miracle drug to the scientist because there is no scientific evidence that reducing the viral load in the nose or throat, if this is achieved at all with the use of Enovid nasal spray, can actually prevent infection.

Professor D. Klaus Michael Lear is a pharmaceutical technologist at the University of Saarland. In principle, Lehr considers the research approach with NO against SARS-CoV-2 to be interesting.

Certified in Israel and New Zealand

Despite the as yet unproven efficacy of this anti-Covid-19 nasal spray and the potential side effects, Israel and New Zealand have now issued temporary approvals for the sale of the agent. According to a report from the news agency Reuters Meanwhile, Chempharma Solutions, a SaNOtize partner company, has begun production in Israel. It is highly unlikely to obtain approval in Germany due to the pharmacological effectiveness of NO. Also in Israel and New Zealand, Enovid is not approved as a medicinal product, but only as a medicinal product.

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