Jacinda Ardern wears 15-year-old girl jewelry

Jacinda Ardern wears 15-year-old girl jewelry

A successful jewelry label
Jacinda Ardern wears 15-year-old girl jewelry and puts a smile on her face

Watch the video: Funny campaign – New Zealand ‘bans’ Instagram photos.
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New Zealand is known for its pristine nature. The beauty of the country is now the subject of a funny advertising campaign. Because New Zealand is diverse. In a series of YouTube videos, comedian Thomas Sainsbury tries to stop the social media generation from taking the same pictures over and over again. Disguised as a SOS guard for short, comedian outdoors in nature. This summer, the unit wants to ensure that influencers are also taking photos of the rest of the country. Like a winery on a bike. Of course, it’s about jokingly that New Zealand has more to offer than the well-known typical scenery. But it’s also about some influencers putting themselves at risk for the same photos, like a typical shot taken on an abandoned highway broker. The campaign title: “Traveling with Social Impact” translates to “Driving Under Social Impact”.


Only 15 years old: Twilight Edwards has her own jewelry brand and sells her jewelry all over the world. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is also one of her satisfied clients.

New Zealand. There is news on TV. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern can be seen in the photo. Cara Edwards sits in front of the screen and films the show. Her daughter Twilight sits beside her. She smiles proudly.

Edwards does not actually portray the Prime Minister. Instead, it has to do with the fact that this woman is wearing earrings from her daughter’s jewelry brand. Its a big event on TV. Twilight started making her own jewelry when she was eight years old. Now 15, she has her own brand and sells her jewelry online – the Prime Minister of New Zealand is also one of her clients.

It started very early

Aurora originated on a small island in northern New Zealand. She was free to decide what to do and where to spend her day. Curious and inquisitive, she asked many questions so that came when as a child, she actually took basic courses in jewelry making and working with silver.

At the age of eight she made her first own jewelry for an art auction at her school – today she has her own brand: Goods by twilight. In some months, sales are as high as $ 10,000. Most of the money they raise entirely is invested in their products to pay for materials or more processing cycles, her mother, Cara Edwards, tells the Daily Mail.

small gift

Taonga means “treasure” in the native language of New Zealand. That’s it for the 15-year-old girl: because every piece of jewelry she creates must have a special meaning to her. They called one of the earring models, for example, the name of the leaf they had the shape of. The mother told the Daily Mail that Kawakawa has healing capabilities and “it is very important for our family because her grandmother comes from a place of the same name.” 15 years old is also a teenage model in Hawaii.

Not only is Twilight supported by Maori, Jacinda Ardern also loves to wear her jewelry. The girl politician gave her first earrings on a visit to the small town of Carito Marai. The prime minister shocked the mother and child by directly putting on the earrings. Ardern often wears this pair and the second pair Twilight introduced her to her at another meeting at press conferences and on important occasions – and each time she puts a smile of pride on the young saleswoman’s face.

Those:daily Mail

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