2degrees launches Ericsson 5G in New Zealand

2degrees launches Ericsson 5G in New Zealand

The launch of 2degrees’ 5G network comes at a time when customers are ready to harness 5G, whether it’s an organization looking to fundamentally change its systems and processes that require greater connectivity, or individual customers enjoying faster download speeds. and less response time.

Over the past few months, the 2degrees 5G network has been thoroughly tested and optimized. Network performance has also been tested on various Samsung, Oppo and Apple mobile devices. These Samsung and Oppo devices are compatible with 2 5G grades of launch – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, and Oppo Find X3 Pro.

Other Samsung and Oppo devices, as well as Apple devices, will soon be enabled for Class 2 5G, along with a plug-and-play home broadband 5G modem. Customers who want to access the 2degrees 5G network must have a 5G-enabled phone with its updated 2degrees 5G activation software. You must also be within a 5G coverage area of ​​2 degrees.

Emilio Romeo, Head of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand, says Ericsson is providing expertise for the next phase of its partnership with 2degrees. 2degrees is the only telecom company in New Zealand to have partnered with Ericsson for its wireless access network. Building 2degrees 5G and upgrading 3G and 4G is a multi-year project involving teams across the enterpriseStone.

Martin Sharrock – Head of Technology – 2 Degrees
We followed our unique strategy when designing and building the 2degrees 5G network. We want to make sure 5G is available where it’s needed most, and we strive to cover entire cities for a contiguous experience. The innovative hardware and software we use will allow us to change how the network uses 4G and 5G technologies together over time. As 5G devices and services mature, we can customize the network according to how Kiwis uses it.

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Emilio Romeo, Director, Ericsson Australia and New Zealand,
Our team has worked closely with 2degrees to bring Ericsson’s cutting edge technology to New Zealand. Kiwis is ready to harness the power of the improved and reliable connectivity offered by 5G technology, combined with an upgrade of existing 3G and 4G Wireless Access Network (RAN) technology, 2degrees customers across New Zealand can take advantage of the best of Ericsson’s energy-efficient infrastructure. .

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