Advice from a woman: How do you travel alone?

Advice from a woman: How do you travel alone?

“You have great courage!”

When I explain to people that I travel solo, this is the answer I often get. Well-intentioned though, the fact that someone might still think that a woman exploring the world alone would feel lonely or scared infuriates me. In an ideal world, solo travel for a woman wouldn’t be rebellious or brave, it would just be a personal preference. When I go alone, my senses seem to be in high gear with the environment in which I develop; The people I meet (or run from), the streets I walk (or I avoid).

To our surprise, when questioned female readers and us women’s societies Based on what they learned while traveling alone, we found that more than half of the answers were advice to avoid trouble. Twenty-six percent of millennial women are They have already traveled alone, but it must be admitted that whatever their age they must face dangers on the way. Like many of my friends, I take self-defense lessons to leave with peace of mind. Of course, we learn to deliver kicks and nudges in a good position, but also to avoid dangerous situations in general, and it seems that our readers have understood this well.

However, what impresses me most when I read these women’s stories is their enthusiasm for adventure and the way they overcome fear. Perhaps one of our readers, Rita Pearson, summed it up best: “Primo, safety first. Segundo, adventure!”

From the thousands of responses we’ve received, we’ve picked a few words of wisdom (and encouragement).

Safe travel can be learned

Traveling alone means having your back, so to speak. For several years now surveying and photographing the remote corners of national parks such as Mesa Verde or the Great Sand Dunes, Elena Burnett is always systematically preparing to ensure her safety. “One of the first things I do before making a trip is to buy a topographic map, as you say. This allows me to identify some of the paths and landmarks. In her comments, she added a warning to the attention of hikers: Always be prepared for the vagaries of the weather and bring enough water and a first aid kit.

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board : If you are traveling on a remote route or an area where there is no cellular network, GPS will allow you to stay in touch with your friends and family and seek help if needed. Elena Burnett swears by Garmin inReach. Also remember to practice first aid, there are PSC1 patents that specialize in hiking.

Ask the professionals for help

Solo adventure does not necessarily mesh with complete solitude. Many travel agencies welcome women looking for personal experience with assistance from a local guide or naturalist. On a safari in Botswana organized by At Close Quarters Agency, Rachel Aikins found herself supported by wildlife monitoring and photography professionals who allowed her to take better photos and learn more about the area.

board : By signing up for a women-only tour, you are likely to find yourself in the company of like-minded travelers and make friends. Wild Women Campaigns Offers trips in Patagonia And in Egypt in particular. Women’s travel agency ladies Offers creative tours and retreats in Colorado or Istanbul for example.

Be open for meetings

When you don’t have anyone to chat with or plan your next food stop, you’re forced to interact with locals and fellow travelers. This sometimes opens up new friendships. “Be the traveler you want to meet on the road,” recommends Rachel Aikins, whose availability allowed her to form a new camaraderie while on safari in Botswana. The two women have bonded so much that they talk every week and will soon be heading to the North Pole together.

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board : Most cities offer free or very inexpensive walking tours. This is an opportunity to create links with visitors who have the same tastes as you. You can also find courses or events that will interest you once there (in We meet or through experiments Airbnb for example). Or you can turn to agencies like travel meeting, which offers individual tours. Application Torlina Allows women to find travel companions and bumble bff It can also put you in touch with other adventurers. Make sure to exercise your judgment and only meet people in crowded places.

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