10 must-see places in the North Island

10 must-see places in the North Island

New Zealand is known for its unmissable landscapes like Milford Sound, Queenstown, Tongariro National Park, and the Coromandels, but the North Island is full of amazing places that travelers often overlook. We give you our recommendations about these places worth visiting.

Gulf of Spirits

Located in a little oasis, Spirits Bay is the perfect place to mingle with nature. Green hills where wild horses roam, clear waters with a tranquil atmosphere, this place is magical.

Te Arai Point Beach

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A great place for surfing surrounded by nature. You can head out for the day or camp right next to the ocean. There is a wonderful viewpoint from the hills which will allow you to admire Te Arai. At low tide, it is an ideal place to snorkel and explore the seabed.

Oharua Falls

In the heart of Karangahake Gorge there is a very beautiful waterfall. Just 2 minutes from the main road, enjoy a quick dip in the cool river water. It's an ideal stop on your way to your next destination.

Giant sand dunes at Te Paki

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Are you looking for adventure? You will feel like a grain of sand in a vast desert at Te Paki. Don't forget to bring your skateboard to enjoy the excitement! If you are not equipped, it is also possible to rent one on site.

Maitai Bay

Matai Bay

Another great campsite to relax and soak up the sun. Its sheltered bay is ideal for canoeing, kayaking or for those who enjoy calm seas.

Waipo Caves

Put on your swimsuit and venture into these amazing caves! Discover cool glow worms… here, it's free.

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Waibua Forest

A five-minute walk down the road you can reach the base of Tani Mahuta, the largest kauri in Aotearoa, which is approximately 2,000 years old. Amazing show.

Rainbow Falls (Wayanwaniwa)

Rainbow fall

How can you not fall in love with the wonders of nature while looking at this amazing waterfall?! For added stimulation, feel free to swim to the back of the waterfall.

Natural hot and cold thermal springs

While Rotorua has many hot springs, this free natural spring is unique because you can choose your own temperature! The highest point in the river will be the warmest and coolest as it descends. Feel free to use the mud you find on the banks of the river, as a true spa and relaxation experience awaits you there.

Recreating the rock waterfall

Bring your snowboard back and slide down the rocky Rere Cliff near Gisborne. The water flowing over this big, wide rock is a real slide! Be sure to stop by Rere Falls which is located right next door.

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