The Blues lost in the semi-finals to New Zealand in Vancouver

The Blues lost in the semi-finals to New Zealand in Vancouver

There will be no second French rugby sevens final on Sunday in Vancouver. An hour after the French team qualified, Jerome Daret's men fell on Sunday evening to the strong New Zealand team (28-26), who have already reached the Dubai final this season. France's seventh team will play the third-place match against the United States, which lost 35 to 19 to Argentina in the other semifinal, at 1:10 a.m. French time. The opponent that the Blues beat when they entered the tournament (24-12).

The move was already too high for his new teammates in Antoine Dupont, who was again a substitute at the start of the game but was able to play for 4 minutes at the end of the game. Against a decisive team and in an open match like VII, we know that any mistake is paid for in cash. The Blues, who were so clumsy with the sending offs (3 loose balls), learned that the hard way during the semi-final. Struggling immediately from kick-off, they were immediately under pressure from the All Blacks who printed an impressive one-minute sequence of play, concluded by youngster Cody Faye (19), demonstrating their ability to play after contact. . Later, they received another attempt after a very short expulsion from Steven Paris Edu, who was brought down by Aquila Rokoliswa (14-5, 7).

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And if the Blues are able to respond every time with their attacking balls – through Jefferson Lee Joseph (7-5, fifth) and then Jordan Sivo (14-12, eighth) – it seems that they will have great difficulty stopping the new team. New Zealand machine. This was confirmed in the second half when the Lions went off with two successive tries (28-12, 10th). Including a new registrar after a poorly negotiated separation. And if a burst of pride at the end of the match allowed the Blues to finish two lengths behind the New Zealanders, the margin was made.

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