The blue team in the final of the Vancouver Championship against New Zealand

The blue team in the final of the Vancouver Championship against New Zealand

He is more than one victory away from the title. The French women's national team qualified for the final of the Vancouver Championship, on Sunday, after its semi-final victory over the Australian national team (21-19), the best team in the world this season. In the final, the French team will face New Zealand, the winner from Canada (15-7). The match starts at 1:43 Egypt time.

However, it was a big challenge for David Cortex's players on Sunday evening, against the Australians, winners of two of the first three stages of the World Circuit this season (and the finalists of the third stage). For this reason, the Blues approached this encounter by choosing to be strong in defense first and knowing that they had to be particularly effective in attacking balls. This was the case with the second French attempt, scored by Camille Grassino after a scratch from Serafin Okemba in the Australian 22m (14-7, 6).

Ciovani's exceptional article

The two teams had previously faced each other with attempts that included lightning counterattacks: the first from Madison Ashby (7-0, second), which was countered by Serafin Okimba, who cut the ball from the outside. Impulse defense School (7-7, 4). Lacking the intensity at the end of the first half, the French were unable to prevent Madison Levy's second Australian effort before half-time.

But after changing sides, they excelled in defence, immune to the attacks of the Australians who showed they were unable to get out of their 22. And when Anne-Cecile Ciofani scored another exceptional try, she broke three tackles (21-14, 10th). ), no longer giving up the score, and still thanking the Australians for missing the turnaround (in the corner) at the siren to offer themselves the second final of the season at the track.

In the men's schedule, Antoine Dupont's side will try to emulate them during their semi-final match that pits them against New Zealand (10:07 p.m.).

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