Ziad Taqi al-Din retreated: businessman Pierre Renault was placed under police custody

Ziad Taqi al-Din retreated: businessman Pierre Renault was placed under police custody

Recovery in the case of “bribery and criminal assembly with intent to commit fraud” related to an interview conducted by mediator Ziad Taqieddine for Paris Match in November 2020. According to our information, businessman Pierre Renault, 65, charged and placed her under judicial supervision in this new part of the case Suspicion of Libya’s financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign In 2007 it was opened by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF), and he was arrested. Information confirmed by PNF. This alleged fraudster, who has already been convicted on several occasions, is suspected, this time, of extortion over one of the communications mentioned in Taqiuddin’s (false) retraction file.

The resounding interview with Ziad Taqi al-Din, a short excerpt of which was also broadcast on BFMTV, was given to a journalist from Paris Match, who had traveled to Lebanon with a photographer from Bestimage, accompanied by his boss, Michel Marchand, the Queen. Of the people, close to the Sarkozy and Macron spouses, who were charged in the file. During this interview, the sulfur mediator withdrew his accusations against the former head of state, Nicolas Sarkozy, who had previously accused him of benefiting from Libyan funding for the 2007 presidential election campaign. Months later, he was questioned by the judges in charge of the presidency in Beirut. The Libyan case, Taqi al-Din, known for his versatility, declared that he had not “corroborated the interview’s statements.”

suspicious money movement

The judges suspect that this temporary retreat could have been purchased or at least been remotely controlled fraudulently, Liberation and Mediapart revealed on the upstream. Suspicious movements of funds were noted, which raised the possibility of negotiations on the sidelines of the interview. The investigation established that via Western Union transfers to Lebanon, a certain person named Noel Dubos, already convicted of fraud and traveling to Beirut at the time of the interview, sent 8,000 euros to Ziad. The money would have been provided by Pierre Renaud, who Dubos, according to Liberation newspaper, had given the opportunity to obtain a very important bank loan under very favorable conditions. To access this alleged loan, Pierre Renaud had paid Noel Dubus, according to the daily, 320 thousand euros, through transfers to the company account of one of Dubus’s friends. The amount that Pierre Renaud paid Dubus could be even more significant. Judges question whether these sums were partially unintentional To retreat Taqi al-Din.

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One thing is for sure: Pierre Raynaud seems to think he was wronged in the process. Also according to our information, during the summer the businessman was going to send an envoy to Noel Dubos to claim the money owed by him. without result. Then the same big arm went to a relative of Noel Dubos to threaten her and demand accountability. This famous interlocutor had then signed a check for a large amount that was then cashed by Pierre Renaud. But the account did not exist, it seemed, for the envoy was to return a second time to Ann T to extort an almost equivalent sum from her. But this time the caller would refuse to give anything and would have been mistreated.

After filing a complaint of extortion, the Philippine National Police were to open an investigation that resulted in Pierre Renaud being placed in police custody. Called me, Maurice Lanturne, his attorney, did not respond to our requests Friday evening. Anne T. was cited in the retraction file of Taqi al-Din for organizing a first interview with the Waseet al-Kubraiti published, on June 27, 2020, in the Journal du Dimanche. An interview given by the newspaper’s managing editor, Hervé Gattigno, in which Ziyad Taqi al-Din did not retreat.

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