L'ouragan Sam, le 29 septembre, photographié par un satellite américain. © NOAA

The most powerful hurricane of the year filmed from the inside by a drone: the first!

For the first time, a drone has successfully photographed in the middle of a Category 4 hurricane. Saildrone has released a video showing the extreme conditions the Saildrone Explorer encountered.

Toxic Hurricane It is currently moving over the Atlantic Ocean, less than 1,000 km from the West Indies. The fourth category is the strongest this year. Didn’t stop working selderonwho directed one of his marine drones to photograph the conditions at the heart of the meteorological phenomenon.

The Saildrone Explorer looks like a seven-meter orange skateboard. It is powered by solar panels and advances thanks to vent. Drone Equipped with cameras in addition to many sensors to measure the wind and the pressure, size waves, The satiate, even Biomass from Pisces. The manufacturer equipped it with a “wing Tornado To withstand harsh conditions and the device is designed to operate independently for an entire year.

Images recorded by a drone at the heart of Hurricane Toxic on September 30, 2021 © Saildrone, NOAA

A fleet of marine drones to study hurricanes

This is the first time a self-driving vehicle has been able to film inside a Tornado of this severity. According to the manufacturer, the device had to cope with waves 15 meters high and winds over 190 kilometers per hour.

The Saildrone Explorer is part of a fleet of five Drones Who travel the Atlantic to study Tornadoes. The data collected is shared with the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Monitoring Agency (NOAATo better understand these things extreme phenomena And be able to warn residents on their way more quickly.

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