Zero + Zero = Tanks exhibition at Espace Dominique Baguette from May 14 to June 12 2022

Zero + Zero = Tanks exhibition at Espace Dominique Baguette from May 14 to June 12 2022

As part of the Comédie du Livre – Dix jours en mai, Montpellier, Montpellier-Méditerranée-Metropole and 6 Pieds sous terre publishing house will host the first solo exhibition of Tanks on Espace Dominique Bague, from May 14 to June 12, 2022. Opening will take place on Friday, May 13th at 6 pm.

Zero exposure + zero = tanks

This is the first large-scale exhibition dedicated to this now essential artist to anyone interested directly or indirectly in the means of expressing themselves in paper and ink, fans, drawing in strips or solo, engraving, watercolor, photography, or posters. From the mysterious and loud ensembles, haute couture stains on their clothes, the devil or for those who don’t care about anything…

In short, an essential artist for anyone interested in something or nothing.
Because you will understand, Tanx has no limits. She allows herself what she sings to her, when she sings to her, by the means she sings to her. However, it’s all – or nearly all – an excuse to license things out to Tanx. Whatever the technique chosen, the topic taken up, the point to be defended, everything is sought to exhaustion, even to compromise, even to starting over…
From hilarious and spontaneous fantasies to who knows how to leave their broom in the closet, to the most elaborate business, whether you belong in the knowledgeable audience that deserves two or the one that comes to take a cool down because it’s still hot for May, isn’t it?

tanks bibliography

  • Rock, Zombie!, Hammerhead Sharks, 2005
  • Tanks, buggy, 2007
  • Double Trouble, Red Kids 2007
  • Tanks 2, buggy, 2008
  • Nine feet under, 6 feet under, 2010
  • Tanks 3, Kart, 2011
  • Make the dance of the dead, even not bad, 2012
  • Hairy, 6 feet under, 2015
  • Scales in the corners of the eyes size 1, 6 feet under, 2016
  • Scales in the corners of the eyes size 2, 6 feet under, 2017
  • Deacon, rabbit, 2018
  • All crusts in the corners of the eyes, 6 feet under, 2018
  • Attempry, 6 feet under, 2020
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Publishing House 6 Feet Under

In 2022, the publishing house 6 Pieds sous terre celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, with a series of events, exhibitions, meetings, workshops and workshops organized in favorite regions and closely related to its story. The first of these is, of course, where I was born: Montpellier and its conglomerate.

The city and city of Montpellier has given the publishing house the opportunity to present many wonderful events during Comedy Book – Ten Days in Maywhich was made with the complicity of the En traits libre library, including this gallery.

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