LE CREUSOT: Raymond Rochette just expanded and it’s more like fun

A new space has now been created to display the work of Raymond Rochet, the painter from Le Croseau.

The introduction, “informal,” but very formal and friendly, took place on Wednesday morning.

It has been a long time since there was a traffic jam in front of the house of Raymond Rochet, the painter from Le Croseau, between La Marole and Les Vernezus. But what could be more natural than this focus, as Florence Amell, the painter’s daughter, has invited all friends for morning coffee, to present not the extension of the house, but the extension of Raymond Rochet’s space.
The upper floor of the house was not rebuilt, but renovated to be able to present more and even the best work of the painter who gave color to industrial products, long before the advent of color photography.

Besides the morning friends, who were all but two there – the chief and the most rebellious of the coffee-drinkers – there was also Luc, the son of a painter who had come specially from Dijon.
It must be said that he followed by phone the work of his sister Florence, persuaded by Patrick Gurría, the former director of the Ecomuseum who spares no time in the digital improvement of the painter’s work.
The new space upstairs allows you to discover other paintings. We travel between the factories of Le Creusot and Mont Blanc. This Mont Blanc that another Creusot painter, Christian Segaud, loves to admire as much as he loves to paint. Obviously, he was there on Wednesday morning.
Instead of giving a broad description of Raymond Rochette’s space, we’re calling the faithful at creusot-infos. This will be possible, of course, during Heritage Days in the fall. But this will also sometimes be possible on Sundays, with comments from Florence. The next date for the guided tour, which will take place next month, will be announced on the creusot-infos website.
A final word to emphasize that Eric Pierron, Director of INELEC, was in charge of lighting to improve the business. He is very successful. In short, everyone had something to cheer about on Wednesday morning.

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Alain Boullieri
(Photos by Manon Bolleri)

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