YouTuber destroys his screen after intense use for two years! Don’t miss this disaster!

Hello tech geeks! Did you hear about that YouTuber who managed to damage his Nintendo Switch OLED screen after leaving a screenshot of The Legend of Zelda for two years? It’s incredible, isn’t it?

In 2017, Nintendo released its revolutionary console, the Switch, which immediately won the hearts of fans with its ability to be used as a portable console or connected to a big screen to play with friends.

Four years later, the gaming company launched a revised and improved version of the console, the Nintendo Switch OLED, which received a mixed response from fans despite the cutting-edge OLED screen technology.

But now this YouTuber, WULFF DEN, has managed to destroy his Nintendo Switch OLED by leaving it turned on for two years, damaging the screen due to a particular weakness of this type of screen.

OLED technology outperforms almost all other types of displays, such as LCD or VA displays, thanks to its high contrast ratio, low power consumption and color accuracy, but it is prone to vignetting, where some of the lower pixels become darker and darker.

WULFF DEN tested whether Nintendo’s OLED display would suffer from marks by leaving a screenshot of The Legend of Zelda on for two years: “What happens if you leave a Nintendo Switch OLED on for two years in a row? »

The result ? A visible mark left by an image, especially on a red or all-white screen. According to the YouTuber, “You can clearly see the signs that have happened […] “Everything is starting to make a big impact.”

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However, although playing a game with a lot of red or white was “very distracting”, WULFF DEN concluded that he almost didn’t notice the signs on games that didn’t use a lot of these colours: “I have to” . To be honest, I played Super Mario Wonder so much, forgot it was tagged, and just kind of got sucked into the game and played it for a very long time. »

The results of this experiment brought more bad news for Switch fans, as Twitch announced that it will end support for its Nintendo Switches next year.

It’s amazing what two years can do to a screen, isn’t it? See you next time for more news about new technologies!

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