China’s Xinlong spacecraft appears to be sending mysterious signals to North America

China’s Xinlong spacecraft appears to be sending mysterious signals to North America

China’s top-secret, reusable Shenlong (or “Divine Dragon”) spacecraft lifted off for the third time on Thursday (December 14). While the mission report did not clearly define the purpose of this new test, amateur trackers observed the vehicle launching six unidentified objects into space just four days after it reached orbit. according to IUnreliable engineeringThese objects, called A, B, C, D, E, and F, are sending strong signals toward Earth over North America… without us really knowing why.

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But new information has just been revealed on this subject, the media reports. One possible (and more disturbing) hypothesis is that the space plane could be sending signals to a hidden ground station or ship near the west coast of North America. Some objects could also just be debris from the spaceplane’s launch vehicle.

Secret land station or ship off the American coast?

In the pictures, in the pictures China as seen from the sky by the GEO community

the South China Morning Newspaper Reports indicate that this information comes from Scott Tilley, an amateur astronomer based in British Columbia, who has been tracking the spacecraft since it entered Earth’s orbit last week. He explained that he detected strong emissions at a frequency of 2280 MHz coming from the space plane or an object.

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“I see a pattern in his broadcasts as he flies overhead, and he seems to prefer flying at lower altitudes to the west.”The expert, who also helped NASA find the long-lost IMAGE satellite in 2018, confirmed. “This may indicate the presence of a secret ground station on the west coast ofnorth america Or a ship off the coast.”he added.

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New information…take it with a pinch of salt

Scott Tilley also pointed out that object B, which is “Very bright”It was probably an upper stage rocket due to its light curve. On the other hand, “The emissions near Object A are reminiscent of those from the Chinese Wingman spaceplane, in the sense that the signal is modified using a limited amount of data.”The amateur astronomer confirmed this, explaining that he had noticed this “Stable position control” In this object a.

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It was also suggested that satellites D and E were emitting radio signals similar to those of object A. However, unlike the latter, the signals did not seem to contain data, only useless information. Objects C and F, in free fall and faint, appear to be debris from the Long March 2F rocket, which launched the spaceplane into orbit.

“But it is important to note that this is just speculation and not based on any evidence to my knowledge.”“, concluded the expert. Little is officially known about the nature and purpose of these objects. There are also very few confirmed details about Shenlong itself, and it is not even clear how long the current mission will take. In short… the mystery remains unsolved.

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