Youth Space is a real place to live

Youth Space is a real place to live

Living together is learned from a very early age. For teenagers (from 10 to 17 years old), the municipality has prepared a room in the Jean Reno Sports Hall (on the first floor) which is specially designated for them. They can meet, make new friends, chat, play, do their homework, etc.

In this youth space, these teens are welcomed by Julie and her team of dynamic facilitators. Activities are held there every evening after school, on Wednesdays and during school holidays. Monday is for homework help; Tuesday, small newspaper. Wednesday is free time, with many activities (ping pong, table football, theatre, cinema, geocaching, various hand and artistic activities, various board games); Thursday is hip-hop. Friday is homework help again.

During the year, cultural, fun and enriching outings are also planned, such as cinema or excursions. All these young people are involved and participating in their many projects, such as Halloween, Christmas or a stay abroad.

For young people who wish, they must go to the sports hall to register.

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