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As a fan of pop culture and gaming, I know that us survival horror fans are always hungry for something new. When it comes to Silent Hill, that's an established fact. For years we've enjoyed new horror games or iterations of Resident Evil, but Silent Hill either languished or gave us less-than-ideal installments.

This is where a team of fans and modders come in who want to expand the Silent Hill universe themselves with their project, Whispering Hills. Built on the Fallout 4 engine, this mod recreates the look and feel of Silent Hill, including the familiar fog and unique monsters.

Whispering Hills features some terrifying creatures, monsters that look familiar but often contain a touch of modernity. The team has done a great job integrating their unique designs into the universe, and they are truly terrifying; Monsters made of stripped muscle, creatures that transform into hideous suits, and even a few cameos from our favorite nurse and mystery that is Pyramid Head.

This model is based on Fallout 4, and can provide incredible immersion into a world based on lidar information. Lidar was used to survey Centralia, Pennsylvania, the inspiration for the movie Silent Hill, and the device uses this information to recreate the neighborhood seen in Whispering Hills.

What's interesting is that this mod leaves a lot of the content from Fallout 4 intact and integrates it into the creepy world of Silent Hill. You still need to find your son Shaun, but you'll have to travel through the Whispering Hills to solve the mystery. You can see this as a true mix of the two games, bringing survival horror to Bethesda's RPG.

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This is a great model for Silent Hill fans, giving us a somewhat original project and allowing us to relive the shine of the franchise while we wait for the next batch of Silent Hill games.

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