Palworld CEO's Old Tweets Prove Fellows Were Created by AI

Palworld CEO's Old Tweets Prove Fellows Were Created by AI

Ludovic Quinson

Palworld is facing new allegations of AI use after old tweets resurfaced from a CEO who wanted to create Pokémon-like skins while avoiding copyright infringement.

Palworld has shocked the world since its release. This new survival game has significantly risen to the top of the Steam charts and has broken records by reaching over a million concurrent players in just a few days.

However, this game, which was quickly dubbed “Pokémon with guns”, was subjected to waves of backlash with accusations of “plagiarism”. This applies not only to Pokémon, but also to similar games like Ark and Rust.

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Palworld's main and perhaps most controversial issue regarding “plagiarism” concerns in-game teammates.

These creatures have sent the internet into a complete frenzy due to their apparent resemblance to several Pokémon, and now many players believe they have found 'proof' showing they were created by artificial intelligence.

Palworld players show that the friends were created using artificial intelligence

Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe recently came under fire after a series of old tweets dating back to 2021 surfaced.

“AI has evolved so much that I can no longer tell which one is a Pokemonread the tweet from her official Twitter/X account, which was accompanied by several AI-generated Pokémon and their likenesses.

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Moving on to November 28, 2022, he tweeted: “If you pass it through an AI filter, the image is often nothing specific, so maybe the copyright issue will be resolved?“Before ending with:”In about 30 years, the general public's perception of copyright may have changed significantly.

Backlash has since flowed in regarding the tweets, with one user commenting: “I was very excited to jump into Palworld, but all the evidence I'm seeing makes it very likely that the game is using AI to create its monstrous designs.

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So far, Pocketpair and Takuro Mizobe have not addressed these claims that AI has been used in Palworld.

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