“You stole a lot of fighters!”

“You stole a lot of fighters!”

in a Experience with UFC since 2016 the fighter Mark HuntKnown for his legendary knockout, he publicly insulted Dana White, CEO of MMA. The former UFC legend even offers to the head of the organization and his associates to confront him in the cage.

A fight for $375,000

as related to SweatMark Hunt is coming Recently to check it out Experience against the UFC. After that, the organization asked its former star to free itself from legal costs… which amount to $375,000. A big hit for Mark Hunt. In 2019, the New Zealander was too It was rejected in the first place The Court of Appeal was reopened file last September.

doping case

Mark Hunt complains that it was Forced to confront a drugged opponent In 2016. This is Brock Lesnar, a former wrestling star, who beat him unanimously. But after the fight, Lesnar would fail anti-doping controls and the UFC would consider fighting a lack of participation. Chased to file a complaint on the grounds that the UFC should have called off the fight. What is more, Paid Rewards From the UFC to Brock Lesnar for his win should have gone to Hunt.

clash on instagram

On his Insta account, Super Samoan To attack Dana White head-on. so advance a fighting : Super Samoa match against Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita and Frank Fertita (partners). »

In the commentary, the former UFC legend explains: “ These losers of Dana White and Fertita brothers have ruined the lives of many fighters. He and his disgusting friends… If you win I’m giving up my pursuits, and if you win you have to pay for all the fighters you’ve taken away since the start of the UFC. Now who would pay to see this? »

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