Jale Vatubua et Luke Whitelock, à la Section Paloise au moins jusqu'en 2024.

Baloise Section: Vatopoa and Whitelock stretches

Other extensions in the Paloise section. After, among others, managers Le Bail, Debaes, Tagitagivalu, Rodil, Manu and Martin Puech, two Pau locker room managers have fully extended their contracts: Luke Whitelock and Jale Vatubua. Both extend to 2024, with an additional year optional for the second year.

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two frames

For Jale Vatubua, who arrived in Pau in 2012 at the age of 20, this means he will cross the decade at Béarn at the end of the season. He has already worn the green and white shirt more than 150 times. Luke Whitelock arrived at the end of 2019, and quickly took an important place in the third row of Béarn. So much so that he’s one of the captains of the Balois division this season.

Jill Vatopoa’s reaction

The Fiji Center 3/4 of the 30-year response to the club’s website: ” I have been very happy here since I joined the club in 2012. I would like to be a one-team man. I grew up with the department which makes me very proud as well as being part of the club’s continuity. I thrived with my family in Bo, I could only stay! »

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luke whitelock reaction

New Zealand’s third streak, who will turn 31 at the end of the month, responded to the club: ” Since my arrival I have been very happy in the club. This season, I feel like we’re approaching a corner. I can sense a hungry group wanting to climb to the top. I really like the department project led by Sebastian. I love the area and the city, I love the ambiance of Hamo Stadium. It all made me really want to stay! »

Sebastian Pekerones

As for the club’s website, the manager replied: ” We are pleased with the extension of these two leaders, they occupy a key position within the group. Their level of demand and commitment on the ground pushes the group upward. It is very good to build over time with good boys, connected to the region and to the club and who share our ambitions. »

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