You must own PayPal, do not trade it

You must own PayPal, do not trade it

3D Systems Corporation: “They’re actually coming back. I have to show them to the show. It got a little hot. One of those arrows, you know, became like a meme arrow for a while … but you know what, I want you to stick with it here. I believe in dimensions.” Triple. I think you will do just fine. “

Analy Capital ManagementYou see they’ve been playing this big win game for a long time, but you’re not very good in principle. It’s back, that’s cool. But I’m an Annaly seller. I don’t want you in this stock. “

PayPal Holdings: “This stock has been accepted by the Wall Street Fashion Show, which only loves industries. I think it could still go down, but you have to think long-term about this thing. And if you do, then you have to own PayPal,” he said. Not trading it, because Dan Schulman is doing an amazing job. “

Revance Therapeutics: “The guy who runs AbbVie, he’s a very competitive guy, he’s not even running the juice for Allergan, and I think when he does, [AbbVie CEO Richard Gonzalez] Revance will hurt. … I want you to be careful [in] Revance. I wish I loved it more. “

Renewable Energy Group: “This is a good company. It collapsed here. It’s a good company, and I’ve done the work on it. I think here, you’re actually going to pick some. … I won’t be a seller.

Pershing Square Twentin Holdings: “We don’t know what he’s going to buy, but you’re absolutely right: he’s very shareholder compatible, including putting a lot of money into it. So, I share your enthusiasm about Pershing Square Twenty.”

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