"F ** k this place!"  A pilot explodes in the Gulf region and the liberals in a clamor full of bad words

“F ** k this place!” A pilot explodes in the Gulf region and the liberals in a clamor full of bad words

An aviator laden with insults against the Bay Area was caught on a heated microphone as he waited for takeoff.

The verbal sermon was captured on an air traffic control scanner at Mineta San Jose International Airport on March 13 and archived by ATC lives.

The sound is choppy and the context surrounding the rant remains unclear, according to the travel site One mile at a time, Who was the first to report the accident.

“F – k this place, damned liberal” is heard the anonymous pilot says. He later followed up with “F-king weirdo, maybe he’s driving in f – king Hyundais, f – king road and sh * t going slow like fk.”

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The audio is available above.

And he’s making another strange statement, “You have no balls unless you’re a rolling charcoal guy, g-ddamnit”, probably referring to the thick black exhaust that accompanies a diesel engine.

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The pilot in question is reportedly employed for Southwest Airlines Spfgat, Although the company has not identified the pilot.

A spokesperson told the newspaper, “Our corporate culture is based on the principle of treating others with concern and dignity, and comments are inconsistent with the professional behavior and general respect we require from our employees.”

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