You didn't cook yourself: Police arrest men after shopping in Kentucky!

You didn’t cook yourself: Police arrest men after shopping in Kentucky!

Two men were arrested Sunday after police officers found several Kentucky Fried Chicken foods on them. There is a strict lockdown in the city.

Auckland – The police don’t have to deal with this smuggling case very often.

New Zealand police discovered the alleged smugglers with all kinds of chicken dishes. © New Zealand Police

Two suspected gang members (23, 30) were arrested Sunday after New Zealand officials found several Kentucky Fried Chicken foods, such as CNN mentioned.

The two are said to have attempted to travel to Auckland with ten cans of coleslaw, three buckets of chicken wings, four bags of other chicken specialties and “an unknown quantity of French fries,” local police said.

However, this was forbidden because the highest level of insurance was in place at that time. The restaurants were cramped and so were many shops. Only the most important services can be used. All citizens must stay at home.

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However, the two men ignored these guidelines. The officers saw them in their “suspicious car” on a back road.

When the smugglers saw the police officers, they immediately turned around and tried to escape. But it did not help. you caught.

In addition to the various dishes, officials have finally discovered another alleged contraband, which is 100,000 New Zealand dollars (equivalent to about 60,090 euros).

According to the agency, men aged 23 and 30 should stand trial for violating New Zealand health regulations – “more charges likely”.

They face up to six months in prison or a fine of 4,000 New Zealand dollars (about 2,400 euros).

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