You can now experiment with Midjourney, the artificial intelligence to create high-quality artwork

You can now experiment with Midjourney, the artificial intelligence to create high-quality artwork

Are you ready to create original artwork? And when we tell the truth, we really mean it. If you’re not familiar with Midjourney, it’s a DALL-E AI type; Able to create anything you type. So if you want to draw a puppy climbing a cookie ladder, while ducklings are falling from the sky, AI will work.

Well, you will be happy to hear that you can also try this AI. Until recently, Midjourney remained in closed beta. Today I finally entered public beta, so you can You can now create your own illustrations.

This was confirmed by AI developer David Holz. In an email sent to its members, it said the service will open its doors to all users.

We also know that those who sign up to participate in the trial will get 25 photos completely free. In case you want to generate more, You’ll need to subscribe to Midjourney for $10 a month And receive a package of 200 photos. If you increase your budget to $30 per month, you will be able to produce an unlimited amount of photos with this AI.

How do I test for Midjourney?

You may already be wondering. If you want to be part of the beta, test the capabilities of this AI with your imagination, The steps are very simple. Of course, you will need to have Discord installed on your computer, as this is currently the only way to access Midjourney.

Once you download Discord, You will need to join the server. To do this, go to this link with your session connected to the messaging platform. Once this step is completed, the window that will allow you to enter Midjourney will open automatically.

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Already on the server? OK then. The next step is to browse your channels. Scroll down the page to the Newcomer Rooms section. You will recognize it because all channels have a name like “newbies-XX” Enter any of them.

Now is the time to produce art. type the command “Imagine”, and after giving a space or entering, type what you want to recreate. Note that Midjourney works in English only. In this text box, you can order scenes with certain characters and characteristics, cinematic lighting, and artistic styles of all kinds. Unleash your imagination, and once you’ve typed everything in, hit the Enter key to check.

as a principle, Midjourney will create a set of four different images. As you create it, you will see a percentage next to your username. You will be able to follow the development of your business. When you reach 100%, you can choose to scale any of the AI ​​creations to a higher resolution.

Our brilliant AI results

Of course, I had to directly test the power of this AI to be able to talk about it. Until now, It is one of the artificial intelligence systems that surprised me the most. It delivers high-quality results with great accuracy and nearly limitless capabilities.

However, remember that results may vary. You won’t always get Guggenheim-worthy business. Likewise, on other occasions, you will suspect that they were created by artificial intelligence. the truth, It seems that we are facing a real democratization of art A world that until now was limited to the imagination and individual capabilities of the human being.
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