You can actually play Outriders on Playstation and Xbox

Some players can actually play Outriders, although the official release won’t take place until tomorrow, April 1st. This is possible with a simple trick.

what happened? The Loot shooter Outriders will officially launch tomorrow, April 1st. The official preload and start dates have been announced recently.

It seems that things are not going according to plan. Because Outriders are already playable on consoles, like many players on the subreddit Outriders (via Reddit) And readers’ report on MeinMMO. All you have to do is use a little trick that does not require much effort.

What kind of trick is this? All you have to do is change the country to New Zealand on your console. It is already April 1st and the servers are probably already online.

Early start on consoles due to the time difference?

How could this happen? You should start Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5 will be officially released at midnight, that is, at midnight from March 31 to April 1. But due to time differences, it is possible that there are already some servers online in countries like New Zealand.

Due to pre-download already available, many players have already installed Outriders and can get started.

How about a personal computer? The official start on Steam and Epic according to our time zone is tomorrow, the first Apil at 6 pm. It is not even possible to change areas and play early.

Here you’ll find an overview: Outriders starts tomorrow – all information about preloading, first day correction, and start times

These are the real times for the Outriders.

Xbox and PlayStation players are happy, some PC players are outraged

This is how players interact with reddit: Of course, many are happy that they can really get started. Some now refer to themselves as “kiwis” just for fun. This does not mean fruit, but it is a common nickname for people who are from New Zealand.

For some PC gamers, this seems less fun. Because they look at the tube. SoeyKitten writes: “It is absolutely unbelievable that people can play the game now and PC players should spend 26.5 hours [Stand: 15:30 Uhr] Wait for them to join, too. I can run demo on the same servers […]. What is the point of that? This is completely arbitrary. […]” (Across Reddit)

Does this fall under fraud? One player fears the trick will make you a cheat. Contact developer People Can Fly directly via Discord and ask if they’re taking a risk. (Across Reddit)

There he said, “No anti-cheating measures should be put in place. These things are likely to happen if you use time-lapse in the game to influence the game’s mechanics as the dealers.” At the moment it doesn’t look like there will be any problems.

What is Outriders anyway? This is a third-person shooter that combines story, loot, and RPG mechanics and takes place in the environment of fantasy and dark fantasy. You can fight the battle either alone or with a group of no more than 3 players.

You can choose from four classes and build your characters over the course of the story. Numerous expeditions, better loot and bigger challenges await at the end of the game.

In our overview you will find the most important information: Outriders: release time, chapters, preload, system requirements – all information about the stolen shooter

If you are still hesitant, you can also try the free demo, which covers the first chapter of the story. This also includes all four playable classes and the first seven levels. Progress can also be transferred to the game.

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Are you already playing? Or do you want to wait for the regular version? Feel free to write to us in the comments.

If you’re still wondering if Outriders might interest you, check this out: 9 things you should know before purchasing Outriders

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