Coconut in New Zealand: tubes are like organs

Kokako is depicted on this New Zealand banknote

Photo: Imago

Larger The success of animal rights activists in a New Zealand: a Rare birds can be saved from extinction will. The Coca-Cola region on the northern peninsula has always been considered threatened. The songbird has an extension A blue-gray dress made of feathers and a shiny blue flap of leather on either side of its beak. Coconut trees have a special song. Their sticks sound like organ tones.

In the video below you can hear coconut whistling:

It will be coconut, too Labenkreen call. Kokaku even has one in New Zealand A place of honor on a banknote.

How can an animal be saved?

Animal rights activists have tried to protect Kokako from dangerous predators. For this, the birds were also transported. Already in 1990s One started saving the animals. At that time there was all over New Zealand Only 330 Kokako-Paare. He now lives on the North Island of New Zealand again 2000 pairs. So-called coconut trees have especially helped save coconuts Maori are the indigenous people of the stateWhich is located in the Pacific Ocean. The bird has always had a special meaning to them. It often happens in ancient Maori stories that they are still transmitted to their children today.

A prize or reward

Coconut on South Island Unfortunately application It continues to die out. These birds have skin appendages instead of the blue color Orange growths of skin on either side of the beak. Anyone who discovers such a bird is well off. Because there is a reward, be guided Fast 6000 euros.

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New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of a northern and southern part:

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