You are a guest of nature

You are a guest of nature

Aschaffenburg. A replica of the Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China has been a guest at the Aschaffenburg City Fair for three and a half months. The “Hundertwasser” exhibition starts on the 1st of June. Our media company inquired the organizers about the results of the premiere. Lilly Schultz from Eventstifter, the event organizing agency in Ludwigsburg, answered on behalf of the city administration, whose head Ragnar Cornelius is having a Pentecost holiday.

Mrs. Schultz, how many visitors have attended the exhibition “The Terracotta Army and the Legacy of the Eternal Emperor”?

For all the time there were about 15,000 visitors.

Were there classes there, too?

Some classes came. We have already received preliminary inquiries from teachers for the Hundertwasser Gallery. Through a children’s activity in the activity area, we were able to get some kids excited about the clay warriors story while they were allowed to draw their own. It is important for us to bring the exhibition closer to every age group.

Were you satisfied with the response?

There were completely different age groups. Children, students, parents, those interested in culture as well as travel enthusiasts found their highlight.

How does shopping and exhibition go together?

very good. With a well-established shopping center such as City-Galerie, retail and culture reinforce each other. Because the departments and interior design are unlike any ordinary retail space, many visitors are very curious and eager to explore new visions. These are usually associated with long trips. The Terracotta Army tells the story of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Have you noticed that the mall is being developed through art and culture?

The opinion of visitors and regular patrons of the City-Galerie is consistently positive. During the Terracotta Army exhibition, people are often asked about a new exhibition, as a visit to the exhibition can easily be combined with the subsequent shopping period.

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