Yorkshire bravely defends his young lover after being attacked by a wolf

Yorkshire bravely defends his young lover after being attacked by a wolf

Thanks to her intervention, the six-year-old dog allowed her 10-year-old lover to escape.

Further proof that a dog is man’s best friend. A few days ago in Toronto (Canada), a Yorkshire woman did a tremendous service to his young lover, 10 years old, by protecting her from a wolf attack in the middle of the street.

As video surveillance footage shows, the little girl was first chased by the wild animal, who was walking her dog on a leash in a residential area. After a while, the little dog came between the abuser and his lover, who managed to escape when his pet tried to fight the wolf.

Little bitch in intensive care

as specified CTV NewsThen the coyotes were driven away by a neighbor who arrived. The dog named Macy, who was seriously injured after being bitten by several, was placed in intensive care at a veterinary clinic, and in particular received eight stitches. His days are no longer in danger.

“He’s a very brave dog, I love him very much,” little Dorothy Cowan said, as quoted by CTV News. Come to think of it, it’s crazy that this little dog protected a human being so much bigger than him by trying to fight back. This huge wolf.” Dorothy’s mother, who got there a few minutes after the incident, replied: “My dog ​​would do anything for our family, so I am not surprised that she did.”

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