Health corridor approved, Tunisia's political confusion and trio athletes disappointed

Health corridor approved, Tunisia’s political confusion and trio athletes disappointed

Did you miss the early morning news? We have prepared a summary to help you see more clearly.

Saturday’s very large demonstrations against the new health rules will not have much impact on lawmakers and senators. extension Health pass Final on Sunday evening. the’
National Assembly The parliamentary marathon, which began on Tuesday, ended with 156 votes for the majority and the right, 60 against the left and the right, with 14 abstentions. A bit provocative, Minister of Health
Olivier Ferrand He welcomed the “re-discovery of national unity” after sixty hours of discussions in both Houses. Because shortly before, the Senate, dominated by the right, had approved by 195 votes to 129 against and 17 abstained.

But who has the power this Monday Tunisia ? The situation is in fact particularly muddled and tense, that even the main party in power, the Renaissance, condemns ”
coup President Kais Saied decided, on Sunday evening, to freeze Parliament for a period of thirty days and give himself executive authority, after a day of demonstrations. Thousands of demonstrators in particular demanded the “dissolution of Parliament.” The president also announced that he had dismissed Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi from his post.

However, he was a favorite in the Olympic triathlon in Tokyo very early on Monday morning. But, Vincent Lewis ended up way off the podium. Thirteenth place, more than a minute behind Norwegian winner Christian Blumenfelt, so failed to clear him Ryo’s disappointment, where he finished seventh after attacking the running race in the lead. The world championship titles he has won since (2019 and 2020) have further boosted his ambitions, but “the games, there is a date and we have to be ready. I wasn’t,” he admits. Our special envoy returns to Japan for you in this bitter defeat of the French camp and it is وهي
from here.

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