"Yeah, that's worrying."

“Yeah, that’s worrying.”

MHR conceded its fourth consecutive defeat in the top 14, this Saturday at the Racing 92 Arena (38-31). Italian opener or midfielder Paolo Garbesi knows that the merits of the French champions are not enough at the moment.

” how do you feel In this “strange” matchwith big gaps on each side?
We came to win, we started well, and it wasn’t like that Last week against Lyon (26-33). But yet … we cannot afford such a stagnation, especially abroad. When you get 38 points, it’s hard to hope to win. We are very imprecise about a lot of things, and there is a lot of work to be done. We try to stay positive, we have the right mentality to come back in the second half but it was too late.

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What errors are you thinking of?
Especially in defense, on camp outings where we rush a lot. We must quickly find our strengths, the defense and the game under pressure. There is work…

Aggression was a problem last week. Do you think it’s better this week?
From time to time. It was very good in the first half hour but we are in the last 10 minutes of the first half and the first 10 of the second. The game cost us.

Should we worry after four consecutive defeats?
yes. Honestly, we all have to understand that what we’ve done so far isn’t enough. We really have to analyze the situation on our part, and it is clear that we did not do our job as we should. With a bit more toughness, we could have won three of our last four games. But we lost all four. What we do during the week and what we do in matches is not enough. We have no excuses, we just have to ask ourselves, and get this resolved ASAP. Nothing is wasted but we must realize that it is not enough. This concerns us all. »

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