Top of page 14. Draw between Clermont and Bordeaux Beagle, draw shock at five points

A strong game that finally started the UBB season

Clermont and Union Bordeaux Beagle failed to make a decision! At the end of a lively match, with good intentions on both sides, the opponents of the day were left in a draw, 23-23. However, the beginning of the meeting is clearly in the interest of the knights. Two good articles by Delguy and Penaud, and Clermont is already taking a break at 23e Minute play, 14-0. Penalty kick from each side, we are quietly heading towards the first half. However, Madouche Tamboe, the Bordeaux ward, decided otherwise. After the siren, he made a small blow over Clermont’s defense, recovered it acrobatic, and leveled it The test that will revive UBB. The penalty shootout continues, two for Jalibert and one for Bello. up to one New brilliance from Tambwe. The South African pavilion pursues an initiative by Gallibert on foot, reclaims it, and finds an ASM target. Bello scores a penalty kick, ten minutes before the end. With a drop from Gallibert and a penalty kick from Belo, the two teams had theirs Match point, not fitted.

1. Nice game and nice try

She gave us the match between Clermont and Bordeaux Beguess four attempts. They are all more beautiful than each other. first dilji, an excellent part author, after a close start to Bézy. next one, Benod concludes with a counter clermontois which is in origin. tamboy Realizing a small coat, UBB lifts. Finally, on a pass at the foot of Tibergen which Gallibert intercepted, Tamboe finished alone against Claremont After a distance of 50 meters.

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2. Bordeaux’s “mental thickness”, which is starting to gain momentum

This is Bordeaux’s first good trip this season. There is still no victory From their bases to the men of Christopher Orius, but a State of mind and game found. After a very mediocre start to the season, and the absence of trips to Montpellier, Bayonne and Lyon, Bordeaux had only takenone point outside. Girondins was elevene position in the ranking. “Since the start of the tournament we got a bit used to losing our potential in the last twenty minutes, and tonight I found we had a depth of mind,” says UBB attacking coach Julian Laerley. 2 michelin points He followed up with a superb home win over Racing 92. It’s the first time that Bordeaux have gone two games unbeaten this season. UBB finally enters the tournament. Additionally, Michelin has been particularly successful at the Bordeaux Beagle in recent years. In fact, during the last five meetings in Claremont, Girondins won twice, and tied yesterday.

3. Clermont doesn’t have to lose two points

“My feeling tonight (Saturday) is thatWe won by two points, we didn’t lose two points. Juno Gibbs said after the game. The New Zealand coach quickly put this home draw into perspective. Claremont did not miss his meeting far from it, ASM showed “interesting things” and was “a well-established game”As Sebastian Pizzi points out. A clever reaction that will allow the residents of Claremont to return to work in the best conditions, to prepare for A trip to Castres.

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4. I found Jalibert

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He criticized a lot on his Missed the start of the seasonGalebert did not receive any comments last night. The international opener made a show befitting his stature. author 5/5 against columnsAnd the “passerby” In my attempt at Tambwe twice, Gilbert weighed more than the match. Small flat drop of 50 meters hair is very short, which he could give victory to his people. But no one will hold it against him. A few days before the blues rally, Gilbert becomes the same again in time.

5. Alert for Buros

France’s 15th already lost Jean-Baptiste Gros to injury on Saturday. He may also have to dispense with Roman Poros. Hit the back of the thighThe Bordeaux linebacker will take exams, but His fall tour appears to be in jeopardy.

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