Xiaomi agrees to give up the Mi name for its smartphones

Xiaomi agrees to give up the Mi name for its smartphones

More than ten years after the first sealed Mi smartphone, Xiaomi has decided to ditch this small prefix in favor of “simply” Xiaomi. From the end of the year, the future products of the brand will be called Xiaomi 12, not Xiaomi Mi 12.

Soon Mi will not give The. Xiaomi Mi smartphones will soon become a “short” Xiaomi, embracing only its brand name. A way for the factory to assert itself and shine more easily internationally.

According to the company, the change will be effective.”From the third quarter of 2021So understand that all Xiaomi announcements, as of now, will adopt this designation. This will be the case in particular for the smartphones that Xiaomi plans to introduce on September 15. The name change we saw in the announcement from its latest flagship phone, the MIX 4. This It is the brand’s first smartphone to drop the historic “Mi” phone, which was expected under the name Mi Mix 4.

Is this a first step before a broader consolidation and the abandonment of the Redmi name as well? This does not seem to be on the agenda, the official brand communication highlights the use of “Xiaomi and Redmi logos under the mother brand logo” on its latest devices. Xiaomi has not mentioned any possible change to the name of its interface, MIUI, which makes great use of the “Mi” character with its community, made up of “Mi Fans”. On the other hand, the tag specifies that a file The category of Xiaomi and Redmi product lines will also be applied to [son] ecosystem and IoT products over time”. A range that includes Mi products of all kinds, from smart watches to scooters And electric bikes, by Televisions.

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