The official release date has appeared online -

The official release date has appeared online –

The Exit date officer infinite aura Featured online: December 8, 2021. The source in this case is not an unknown insider, but the Microsoft Store itself, which for a few hours posted it on the official page of the game, and then removed it.

Release date was confirmed From a second source: Game info page in Mandarin

naturallyInformation However, due caution should be taken, as it may be the result of an error on the part of those who run the Microsoft Digital Store. However, this is not excluded, because it also corresponds to all the coordinates given by the house of Redmond so far: it is located in 2021, it is in the holiday period and is far from the major releases at the end of the year, such as the new game Call of Duty: Vanguard and Forza Horizon 5 itself.

Note that the source talks about a release date 1 player Campania. Perhaps, since the multiplayer is free to play, Microsoft can manage it as a completely independent product.

Finally, the fact that the Microsoft Store has somehow updated the Halo Infinite release date, means there shouldn’t be much left for the final announcement, which will probably only arrive tonight, during Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live.

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