Xbox Game Pass: 5 games access the service |  Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass: 5 games access the service | Xbox One

The ID @ Xbox show was an opportunity to lift the veil on several new games. Among the titles presented, some will arrive on Xbox Game Pass, either on the day of their release or shortly thereafter. Find below the five new games coming to Microsoft’s service. Note that Stardew Valley is one of them.

Aragami 2 (September 17)

Aragami 2 is a third-person stealth game where you play an assassin who has the ability to control shadows. Join the shadow clan and fight against the enemy army to save your people.


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Evil Genious 2: World Domination (End of 2021)

A parody spy strategy game, in which you are an evil genius! Build your base, train your minions, prevent the forces of justice from interfering with your operations and take over the world!

Rowena Library

Be the owner of the library and receive your guests. Librarians will fight for the library. The fight takes place between guests and librarians on stage. The defeated guests turn into books and the library continues to grow.

Stardew Valley (end 2021)

You inherited your grandfather’s old farm in Stardu Valley. Armed with old tools and a few parts, you’re ready to start a new life. Will you be able to turn this deserted piece of land into a thriving land?

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