New 11-minute 4K gameplay video that makes you feel jaw-dropping -

New 11-minute 4K gameplay video that makes you feel jaw-dropping –

New one posted online gameplay video From Forza Horizon 5, registered in 4K, which seems more and more like a jaw-breaking title, at least from a graphic point of view. The video, recorded by Don Joewon Song, lasts about 11 minutes and initially shows the Toyota Supra customization, as part of the map is then explored (which we remember was set in Mexico and about 50% larger than Forza Horizon 4).

What do you add? Forza Horizon 5 has been confirmed as one of the most awaited games of 2021, especially by Xbox and PC owners. Moreover, technically, it seems to be the best Next generation, despite being a multigenerational title.

Let’s read the official description of the game:

The ultimate Horizon adventure is waiting for you! Explore the vibrant open world landscapes of an ever-changing Mexico. Unlimited driving fun with hundreds of the best cars in the world.

This is your own horizon adventure!
Lead breathtaking expeditions through Mexico’s vibrant open landscape in an ever-changing world. Unlimited driving fun with hundreds of the best cars in the world.

This is an incredibly diverse open world
Explore a world full of wonderful contrasts and beauty. Discover moving deserts, lush forests, historic cities, hidden ruins, pristine beaches, wide canyons, and a massive snow-capped volcano.

This is an open world full of adventure
Immerse yourself in an extensive campaign with hundreds of challenges that will reward you for participating in the activities you love. Meet new characters and choose how their Horizon Story missions will end.

This is an open world that is constantly changing
Experience amazing weather, from massive sandstorms to relentless tropical thunderstorms, thanks to the dynamic seasons in Mexico that will change the game world every week. Keep playing to discover new events, new challenges, new collectibles, new rewards, and new areas to explore. No season will be the same as the previous one.

This is an open social world
Collaborate with other players and log into Arcade Horizon for an uninterrupted series of fun and silly challenges that will keep you and your friends entertained without getting in the way of menus, loading screens, or lounges. Meet new friends in Open Horizon and Horizon Tours and share your creations with the new community gift system.

This is your open world
Express your creativity with EventLab’s new tools by creating custom races, challenges, exciting games and all-new game modes. Customize your cars more than ever with new options, like the ability to open and close convertibles, paint brake calipers and more. Use the new gift system to share your personal creations with the community.

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