Xbox Cloud Gaming becomes compatible with connected TVs

Xbox Cloud Gaming becomes compatible with connected TVs

Microsoft has made video games one of its priorities. In order to boost the sector, Redmond is betting on its on-demand gaming service, Xbox Game Pass, and on Xbox Cloud Gaming. In June 2021, the company announced the arrival of its services on connected TVs. A year later, the Xbox ecosystem will virtually land on the latest Samsung TVs, letting you play the latest titles, without having to own a console.

Over a hundred games that can be played without an Xbox console

Microsoft revealed via her official website That from the end of June, newer models of connected TVs sold by Samsung will integrate the Xbox app. This includes the Korean brand’s Neo QLED models released in 2022. This app will allow subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer, which pays a fee of €12.99 per month, to play more than a hundred games via Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. This proposal is part of the American company’s current strategy to strengthen its position in the video game sector.

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When starting a compatible Samsung TV, the user must connect a wireless controller via Bluetooth to access the service. There are no restrictions on this aspect, because even PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles will be compatible, along with traditional Xbox peripherals. The application has an interface similar to that of Xbox Game Pass, that is, a catalog of games that can be launched immediately, such as Netflix for video games.

With this feature, you no longer need a console to play. The Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s latest hardware, currently costs €500 and is hard to find due to a lack of components. This offer is a real advantage for people who have a good internet connection and a connected TV.

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The end of consoles with the advent of cloud gaming?

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not mention other compatible TV brands at this time. However, its game catalog can be accessed via a multimedia box like Google’s Chromecast. This would make it possible to take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud service on any screen.

The competition is more advanced in these broadcasting issues. Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming offerings can be accessed via the chests of the two tech giants. However, Microsoft has a much richer catalog of games. Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming is still in full development. It’s available in 28 countries, including Argentina and New Zealand that just got access.

Phil Spencer, head of video games at Microsoft, confirmed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to more games via the cloud by the end of the year. Concretely, this means that Xbox Cloud Gaming will not be limited to games associated with on-demand gaming services, but will include all games that can be purchased individually from the Microsoft Store.

Sony, Microsoft’s main competitor in video games, does not have such an aggressive cloud gaming strategy. Their offering, PlayStation Plus, lets you play a limited selection of console or PC games, while Redmond also offers their services on all smartphones. With such an effort in the cloud, the very existence of the controllers is called into question.

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