Top 5 NZ Crypto Exchanges To Trade Your Favourite Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrency has been skyrocketing for a few years in the world. Millions of individuals have known the worth of investing in cryptocurrency and many are interested to join the crypto world soon. So, if you’re one of them and want to increase your investment portfolio by adding crypto assets, then, you must also be finding the top NZ cryptocurrency exchange for you to begin the process.

You should always choose an exchange that is appropriate for your level of experience and budget. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges so that you can trade or exchange your assets conveniently.

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In New Zealand

1. is the ideal NZ crypto exchange to pick right now. It is important to understand that is not only an exchange but also provides crypto financing and interest accounts, as well as an NFT platform and a Visa-backed debit card.

As a result, provides a one-stop-shop for the digital asset ecosystem. In terms of exchange costs, has some of the cheapest in the business. The site uses a market maker-taker approach, and the maximum commission you will pay is 0.40% for each slide. This cost will be lowered if you trade bigger sums during the month. The simplest way to deposit dollars into your account is to utilise your Visa or MasterCard.

Both debit and credit cards are accepted, and you will be paying a modest fee of 2.99%.

The app is also available for your iOS device and Android as well. The majority of traders like to use the trading app.  The app allows you access to all of the services accessible on the main website, but in a more condensed and streamlined form. As far as supported marketplaces are concerned, definitely stands out. Simply said, this exchange offers you access to over 250 different currencies.

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To accommodate customers’ requirements, more currencies are being added to the platform. After you’ve made an investment in your preferred currency, you might choose to put the money into a savings account. This allows you to earn income on your cryptoassets, with stablecoins earning 10% and cryptocurrencies yielding up to 14.5%.


If you’re trading for a short time and want to purchase and sell crypto using sophisticated techniques, is a good option. is first and mainly a CFD trading platform, which means you may trade on the potential price of a crypto pair without holding any coins.

As a result, because the underlying asset doesn’t really exist, there is no need to be concerned with wallets, storage, or private keys. Furthermore, all authorized markets on the exchange can be traded with no commission and attractive spreads. The platform provides 470+ crypto markets in total, including coins of all kinds and sizes.

We choose since it provides leverage in addition to a large variety of markets and affordable trading costs. This enables you to trade using funds other than those in your account. In most circumstances, you will be provided with a maximum of 1:2, which indicates that you may trade with $200 for every $100 invested. is a licensed CFD platform in terms of safety. ASIC, NBRB, FCA, and CySEC have all authorised and licenced it. If you choose a debit/credit card or an e-wallet as your chosen payment option, you will just need to deposit $20 to open an account. A minimum of $250 is required for bank wires. charges no deposit fees in any case.

3. Coinbase 

Coinbase is a platform located in the United States that services consumers from over 100 countries. For complete newbies, this company is possibly the best NZ crypto exchange on the market. You may quickly purchase and trade cryptocurrency on the Coinbase website without any prior knowledge. Everything is easily set out, and the account registration procedure involves only basic ID information along with a copy of your CNIC.  You may then purchase cryptocurrency instantaneously using a Visa or MasterCard. This will cost you 3.99% in fees, which is more than the costs charged by You will, however, have access to over 150 different digital currencies.

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Coinbase provides a top-rated wallet software in addition to a straightforward and hassle-free way to trade cryptocurrency. You may download the Coinbase app for iOS or Android and link it to your primary account. This will then allow you to trade cryptocurrency on the go with the touch of a button.

However, keep in mind that Coinbase imposes a regular trading fee of 1.49% per slide. This implies that you will be charged $14.90 for every $1,000 you purchase or sell., on the other hand, costs only 0.40% for each slide. However, we appreciate Coinbase’s expansion into additional goods and services in order to provide a more holistic customer experience.

4. Binance  

Binance is the next site to examine from our list of the top NZ crypto exchanges. This exchange provides a lot of key advantages, particularly in terms of supported currencies. In fact, you may purchase and trade over 600 different digital currencies at the touch of a button.

And the maximum you’ll have to pay to trade with Binance is 0.10% per slide. Binance uses a market maker-taker mechanism, so as your trading volume increases, you will be given increasingly cheaper fees. If you purchase and stake BNB – Binance’s native cryptocurrency – you will enjoy a 25% reduction on your trading commissions.

Binance is notable for its advanced trading features, in addition to its extensive digital asset portfolio and minimal costs. This includes leveraged tokens and cryptocurrency derivatives, as well as real-time trading charts and even technical indicators. TradingView may also be accessed straight from the Binance website.

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5. Swyftx

Swyftx is a prominent exchange that services clients from Australia and New Zealand. You may make money by buying and selling more than 320 different online currencies by registering an account with this exchange. Swyftx is constantly adding new markets to meet consumer demand.

You will not be billed any fees if you deposit NZ dollars. Payment options accepted include debit/credit cards, POLi, and local bank transfers. The minimal deposit is only $10. Trading fees are also competitive, starting at 0.6% each slide, while spreads begin at 0.41%.

Swyftx also has a facility that allows you to earn interest on your idle crypto tokens. Stablecoins have an average APY of 5-7%, while some, like Axie Infinity, are yielding more than 100% as of writing.

Swyftx also provides a learning service to educate you on the details of blockchain and cryptocurrencies if you are a newbie.


With so many exchanges in the crypto market, determining the best Bitcoin exchange in NZ for your needs might be difficult. Consider trading platforms that are overseen by reputable financial regulators.

In addition to deposit costs, you should look at the commissions you’ll have to pay while purchasing and selling cryptocurrency. If you’re prepared to start trading cryptocurrencies from nz crypto exchanges right now, we’ll encourage you to use the exchange.

We discovered that this service is the finest overall NZ crypto exchange, not least because it supports more than 250 cryptocurrencies and charges just 0.40% in the fee.

In addition, with a savings account, you may receive  14.5% per year in interest

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