WRC22: Croatia confirmed, welcome back to New Zealand

WRC22: Croatia confirmed, welcome back to New Zealand

Monte Carlo Rally 2018, photo by Corrado Manera

The smooth dirt roads of the North Island near Auckland will be on display for the first time since 2012 as the World Radiocommunication Conference celebrates its fiftieth season. The 32nd appearance of the World Radiocommunication Conference “Land of the Long White Cloud”, the eleventh round of the year, will be held from September 29 to October 2.

The Croatian airport’s runway has been kept to an expanded 13-round schedule after the central European country hosted its first full-scale debut in April.

With the iconic Safari Rally in Kenya and Japan, the season spans four continents – Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania as the pandemic subsides and commercial rights holder WRC Promoter rebuilds to achieve its goal of a 50-50 split between Europe and the rest of the nations. the scientist.

Next year brings some of the biggest and most sweeping changes in the history of sport as the World Radiocommunication Conference enters a more sustainable era.

The exciting Rally1 hybrid cars will combine 100 kW electric motors and a combustion engine, while fossil-free hydrocarbon-based fuels will be 100% sustainable.

The calendar has been approved by the FIA’s World Motorsport Council in Paris, and WRC chief executive and promoter Jonah Seibel said the combination of classic dates and recent events will provide a mouth-watering schedule in a historic season.

“Next year will be a memorable and exciting FIA World Rally Championship as we welcome the new Rally1 Hybrids, part of a set of regulations to guide the series towards a greener and more sustainable future.”, he added.

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“Next year also marks the 50th WRC season. We are delighted to welcome New Zealand back to a rally that debuted in 1977. Its dirt roads are fun for drivers, and although our plans to come back in 2020 have been derailed by Covid-19, It’s great that we can now do it again. The pandemic has unfortunately brought the world to its knees, but as the world recovers, it also happened at the World Radiocommunication Conference. We have previously outlined our strategy for equitable distribution of gatherings between Europe and long-term destinations, and it is considered a calendar 2022 is an important step towards that goal.”

The season begins with the extremely challenging Monte Carlo Rally in the French Alps in January, taking place exclusively in Monaco for the first time since 2006.

Followed by stunning snow and ice for Rally Sweden, the only pure winter event in the series, which also owns a new home as it moves north to the eastern port city of Umeå. Croatia is the opener on pure asphalt and will return in Zagreb at the end of April.

Dirt races in Portugal begin in late May, the first in a series of hard rides on dirt roads in hot weather. This was followed in June by Italy and Kenya, one of the legendary races in world motorsport which this year made an exceptional comeback in the World Rally Championship.

Very fast roads in Estonia, which is the center of the championship, and Finland is ahead of Round 9 in mid-August at a venue that has not been confirmed.

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Greece, another champion of the championship, returned in September after its success in the World Rally Championship last month, ahead of the last gravel race in New Zealand.

Last heating on the asphalt. The first at the end of October in Spain and then the final race in Japan.

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