Wow: this function that players consider useless will finally disappear after 5 years of existence!

Wow: this function that players consider useless will finally disappear after 5 years of existence!

If you start World of Warcraft Recently, this problem has probably told you something, and maybe some have woken up shock previously buried. In fact, if you have not yet installed a character on World of Warcraft, then your first progression will necessarily require you to move on this step, And until the next patch, this disappointed.

Offensive move for new players?

When you haven’t settled a character yet Level 60 In World of Warcraft, you will necessarily have to go through leveling Battle of Azeroth So stop at Cool Terrace And Zandalar. Once level 30 and full of good, you will decide to buy, for 300 gold This represents Maybe all of your wealth At that point in the game, your flying skill is in those areas.

Little trouble, once in Zandalar, It is impossible to take off the floor, And there is a “good” reason. In fact, to fly in these areas, you need, in addition to the purchased flying skill, to complete a file A very painful success.

So many newbies found themselves penniless, and above all nailed to the ground. However, 5 years after its implementation, Blizzard is returning to this bug.

Fix in next patch?

Good news for new World of Warcraft players, This story is almost over Since Blizzard announced a return to this issue with a patch 10.0.7. With this patch, there will be no question of having to farm for a long time in the hopes that you will be able to use your flying skill and you will be able to finish missions in these areas faster. A change in quality of life you might not have expected from Blizzard however Which will undoubtedly please the players who had to deal with this rather disappointing dump of their wallets.

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Are we heading towards more quality of life like this in future patches for World of Warcraft? Fans will likely be pleasantly surprised.

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