In this article, we are going to reveal these 6 hidden features of WhatsApp, a platform owned by Meta. This instant messaging app can enhance your conversations and strengthen the security of your exchanges. Users of this app never get bored, WhatsApp is constantly innovating and it becomes a must have for all of us.

The main features of the application

In fact, in addition to the main functions, these six hidden features of WhatsApp make communication easier. Thanks to this platform that belongs to Meta, We can keep in touch with our friends and family in all circumstances.

Furthermore it, It never stops innovating to provide us with a richer, more complete and unique experience. With WhatsApp, we can send text messages and make free voice and video calls. We can also share files, post temporary statuses, and make group calls. This app also allows you toPin important conversations and share our location in real time.

it seems, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users spread all over the world. However, very few people know about all the features available in the app which we will reveal to you in the second part.

6 hidden features of WhatsApp

In fact, these six hidden features of WhatsApp improve the user experience on the platform. We can Create chat shortcuts By clicking on the three dots at the top right, then clicking on More. Simply select the Add Shortcut option to enable this feature.

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Then you can too Find out which contacts a person talks to most often on WhatsApp. There is also a setting to send messages by selecting this option before clicking Continue.

On the other hand, click on the camera icon in the text box Create GIF from video. You can, too Rasterize parts of the image To hide some of the photos / pictures that we send to our contacts. Personalize your discussions It is also one of those hidden features of WhatsApp.